Bringing new efficiencies to your plant.

It’s hard to have a full picture of your manufacturing operations if you lack real-time visibility into information. When there’s a disconnect between people and critical information, employee productivity and customer service pay the price.

Achieve a more efficient supply chain

You can’t always control the journey from factory to warehouse, but you can get better control over the documents and data that drive your supply chain. Flo-Tech streamlines your day-to-day logistics operations by making offline and online information more readily available. You benefit from more efficiency, security and cost control.

Data control and management

You need current, accurate data to synchronize supply and demand. Our solutions for manufacturing give you visibility and control over information, so you can respond effectively to change and solve problems quickly.

Supply chain complexity

Supply chains involve routine paper-based processes, but these can create bottlenecks. Manual document handling, storage, copying, and routing create small inefficiencies that quickly add up to a big productivity problem. Don’t let paper-based processes drain productivity. Our solutions bridge the gap between unavailable content—both paper and digital—and the people and processes that need it. Combining smart devices, software, and services, Lexmark refines and automates your workflow to boost efficiency.

Compliance and regulatory concerns

How quickly and easily can you find specific documents for compliance or regulatory requirements or audits? Noncompliance with commerce, safety, and environmental regulations result in fines, litigation, and other penalties.

Regulations differ by region and country and involve complex paperwork in multiple languages. Regulatory and market pressures constantly change, too, forcing you to respond and adapt.

Only an agile, intelligent content management system and smart processes can help. With our end-to-end view of your document processes, we give you a flexible, reliable platform without manual data entry or tedious document distribution steps. Confidential or sensitive information remains secure, and you can find what you need for audit and compliance requests quickly.


Dana Foods


Manage Costs

Effectively manage costs and increase uptime across your operations using a single system to provide visibility and control

Continuous Improvement

Identify problem areas and drive continuous improvement with governance metrics by store, distribution center and office locations

Savings and Productivity

Increases savings and productivity by up to 40% through solution recommendations, professional implementation, customer support services, and transparent data