Predictive Service

Service is the Foundation of any MPS Solution

What type of service are you receiving? Reactive vs. Preventative vs. Predictive Service

There are 3 types of service models: Reactive, Preventative and Predictive. The Reactive model is the traditional break/fix service delivery model – the device goes down, the user places an emergency service call. In this scenario the device is already down causing disruption to your business.

The Preventative model is similar to a car maintenance program. Preventative maintenance is scheduled based on page volumes – much like scheduling your car for an oil change (some providers may schedule preventative maintenance on an annual basis which is not as effective for optimizing device performance). Flo-Tech uses our extensive knowledge base service history to determine when preventative maintenance is needed and will be most effective. Flo-Tech also provides preventative maintenance on every service call.

Predictive Service Delivery

Predictive service allows you to turn an emergency service call into a scheduled service event resulting in:

  • No unplanned downtime
  • No help desk call
  • No disruption to your business
  • No lost productivity
  • No user complaints

Flo-Tech is delivering service on all levels – reactive, preventative and predictive.

MPS Assessment

We don’t just stop at your immediate needs, we use our consultative approach to anticipate how we can help you now and into the future. Let us help you get where you want to be. Request your In-Depth Flo-Tech Analysis today and we can start working on the best solution for your business.