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three diverse attorneysFlo-Tech works with more top law firms than any other managed print company in the country, including 37 of the Top Am 100, helping them manage their printing and imaging environment, improve document access, and implement best practices to save time and money and increase security.

We manage thousands of printers, copiers and MFDs at law firms that generate millions and millions of pages. The firms we work with rely on Flo-Tech’s proactive service and support to guard against unplanned downtime, eliminate disruption of service and maintain the highest level of service for their partners, attorneys and clients.

Because law firms are so document intensive, you can’t afford down time on your critical printing and imaging resources. That’s why many of the firms we partner with are supported with a dedicated on-site technician. With an on-site technician, service response is measured in minutes, not hours. Our on-site technicians act as an extension of the firm’s help desk providing direct response to related calls placed by end users, calls automatically created through Flo-Tech’s Alert Management Software™ as well as provide support for a host of other activities.

Many of the firms we work with also take advantage of Flo-Tech’s Coast to Coast™ program to support remote offices across the country. With a single provider to support the entire firm, you can truly manage your device population and streamline support across all locations. With reporting on service history, device usage, color usage trends and other key metrics, you can better manage your printing and imaging resources and gain cost efficiencies fleet wide, nationwide.

Flo-Tech also offers solutions to improve the paper-to-digital workflows. In no time, we can have you and your staff easily scanning, archiving, searching and retrieving documents and capturing charge back data to increase revenues and improve productivity.

To learn more about how Flo-Tech is partnering with many of top law firms in the country, corporate legal departments, and private practice law offices, contact us today.


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We are a pioneer in Managed Print Services with nearly 25 years of experience delivering Enterprise Solutions to enterprise customers locally, nationally and internationally. We are service focused, manufacturer and technology agnostic.
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  • Flexible Hardware Solutions – Freedom Plan
  • Asset Mapping and Management

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Everything about the way we do business is focused around providing a high level of analysis, support and service to some of the largest companies in America, including 37 of the Top Am 100 legal firms.

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From secure printing and scanning to reporting and statistics for cost recovery, we can tailor solutions according to your specific needs and environment.

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Whether looking for a single device or looking to refresh your entire fleet, Flo-Tech can help you determine the best printing and imaging solutions for your business.

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