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Financial Institutions

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financial servicesPaper and electronic documents are a staple in the financial industry. Loan applications, cash transaction reports and tax returns are just a few of the documents that you have to track, distribute and archive.

Whether you are transferring forms to a bank or handling a loan application, sending documents and forms needs to be easy. You need to quickly convert paper documents to electronic records that can be easily stored, searched and accessed and you need to manage large volumes of faxed documents between your back office and your branches, regional offices and other financial agencies.

Flo-Tech can help you automate these processes letting you accomplish more in less time. Using multifunction systems, with the push of a single button, you can securely scan, email, fax and archive your documents.

These systems also help you protect confidential information such as customer credit reports, social security numbers, etc. Our systems make it easier for you to comply with regulatory requirements without sacrificing productivity. With solutions for authentication, controlled device access, data encryption and hard drive erase, you can ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive information. With secure printing, important information isn’t left sitting on printer trays for anyone to pick up and no data will be inadvertently left accessible on the hard drive of your printers or MFPs, eliminating a huge potential risk.

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