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Next-Gen Print Management— Oh So Compelling

next gen printing managementOK—so printer management might not be the most compelling topic, but we got your attention. Print management typically doesn’t get the limelight it deserves in IT management—regularly being passed over for cloud computing, virtualization, security, analytics and pretty much any other more exciting initiatives—but consider how many helpdesk tickets it uses, how much tech time it consumes and what a large percentage of the budget it eats (here’s a hint—it can be up there with utilities and rent!).

Staying up to date with print management techniques is critical for companies looking to dedicate more time to proactive IT projects, as it frees up the resources to do so. But before you sigh and resign to the fact that print management is something you have to do, know that it has become much more exciting with the changes in print management practices and technological advances that have taken place as of late. Changes that are allowing companies to recognize a greater ROI on their MFP devices.

Upgrades in management practices have delivered on promises of smaller physical footprints, lower overall TCO, efficiency and productivity gains, lower consumable use, accountability, cost control and reduced management costs. These gains can only be achieved by using better management practices to distribute device workload and automate manual interventions. The success of these techniques leads to increased proactive time to improve security protocols, make document workflows more efficient, implement stronger enterprise usage policies and deal with billing chargebacks.

Sounds great right? Intrigued about how to do this exactly? Good, keep reading—then download our e-book for instructions on how to act on these next-generation print management techniques.

Canon is delivering next-generation print management practices, with a host of software solutions that deal with every facet of print management. Their software is based on location-less device management via web interfaces that creates a virtual map of all networked devices and intuitive controls that substantially reduce helpdesk tickets. Their software roadmap includes their imageRUNNER, imagePRESS and imageWARE Enterprise Management Console software programs

Canon’s wealth of solutions rest on their all-seeing, web-based console, which encourages best practices that includes categories like task automation, self-management, use of an advanced content delivery system, advanced user privileges, universal driver use, customized print driver creation, metering and use of task-specific plug-ins.

It is only through technology-infused best practices that you can maximize your ROI, minimize your TCO and deliver on the print technology your company needs to proactively address all print concerns.

Download our e-book on Best Practices for Next Generation Multifunction Printer Management for specific advice on how create your proactive print management plan using next-generation management tactics created by the world’s top print company.

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