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Hurricane Sandy and Your Printers

Our thoughts are with all those that may have been impacted by Sandy. We hope this finds you all safe and on the road to recovery.

As businesses are beginning to get back to normal operations, we did want to make you aware of the impact water damage may have on your office printers and copiers. It is important to examine your devices to see if there are any signs of water damage. If you suspect your device may have been wet, it should not be turned on. Like any electronic device, just because the covers have been dried, the real damage will happen as power is applied. As the power flows through the electrical components on the circuit boards, those components will short and the boards will need to be replaced.

It is possible for a machine to dry well enough to actually start up. However in the long term, the circuits on those boards, if they were damaged, can cause future problems.

If the machine obviously got wet it should be replaced. If you are unsure, a service technician can inspect the circuit boards for signs of water damage. You will also want to check the accessories like finishers and document feeders to see if they are wet or show any signs of water damage. Lastly check the surge suppressor that your device is plugged into. Make sure the suppressor has not been on a wet floor or impacted by other water damage.

We know some of this may seem obvious, but for those impacted by the storm, there are so many other things to address. Hopefully this will help to prevent you from experiencing any additional damage to your devices. If you suspect there may be some damage, have it checked out by your service provider.