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How Managed Print Services Can Make Your Company More Efficient

managed print servicesHow much does it cost your company to print a document? If you’re like most companies you probably don’t know what it’s costing you every time someone in your organization hits file/print or pushes the copy button. Many businesses today are trying to get a handle on exactly what that cost is. Why is that?

Gartner Group estimates that companies spend up to 5% of revenues on document output. But what makes up that spend? You typically think of the direct costs like the acquisition cost of your printers and copiers and their supplies. But a study by InfoTrends indicates that for every $1 a company spends on equipment, supplies and service, another $9 is spent on indirect costs, which can include IT support and infrastructure, administration and purchasing, and document management. So how do you assess and manage those costs within your organization?

Working with a company that specializes in managed print solutions, they can help you to evaluate your print environment, determine a baseline of your current spend and implement processes, services and technologies to manage and reduce those costs – things like intelligent remote monitoring, predictive service, fleet optimization strategies, workflow solutions and more. What impact can those things have? Gartner estimates that “cost savings of between 30% and 50% as well as significant environmental savings can be realized with a properly implemented Managed Print Services Program.”

The key to determining the best managed print solution or strategies for your organization is to understand what is driving those costs in your environment:

  • Do you have too many devices?
  • Is lack of standardization driving up your support costs?
  • Is your reactive break/fix service model causing too much down time and lost productivity?
  • Are too many IT hours being spent on printer/copier related issues?
  • Is your helpdesk handling too many printer related calls?
  • Is color being used when it really isn’t needed?
  • Do you have unnecessary dollars tied up in toner sitting in a supply closet?

Depending on those key drivers and other issues or objectives you may have (ie, document security to address compliance issues, how to support your growing mobile workforce, etc.), the right managed print implementation for your organization may include one of the following or all of them in a phased in approach:

  • Having the managed print services provider simply take over service and support of your existing fleet of devices gaining benefits from improved service levels, device uptime and supplies inventory management.
  • A plan for device redeployment to make more efficient use of the devices you currently have in place, ie.) moving underutilized devices to locations/departments with higher print volumes.
  • Footprint consolidation to eliminate unnecessary devices (ie: combining a printer, copier and fax machine into a multifunction device or consolidating local printers to a departmental or workgroup device).
  • A technology refresh where user applications may require additional functionality, faster print speed or higher print volumes. A refresh may include replacing 1 device or many.
  • Software solutions for things like mobile printing, document capture and routing, document management, rules based printing, etc. that can be rolled into your managed print agreement.

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