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Customer FAQs with regards to Flex Technology Group

We established a partnership with Flex Technology Group last year. With that, we wanted to provide some feedback and answers to common questions we’ve heard since our acquisition. If you have any additional questions, please email your sales executive or send an email to info@flotech.net

Q1.    What does Flo-Tech joining the Flex Technology Group mean for me?

We know our success is dependent on your success, and we are excited about what our newly combined company has to offer: a distinguished portfolio of products and services, continued innovation and investment, and enhanced ability to capture supply chain efficiencies. We are better positioned than ever to meet your needs.

Q2.    Will the merger impact pricing?

The segments in which we operate are extremely competitive and will continue to be so after integration. The same dynamics that impact pricing today will continue to impact pricing going forward.

Q3.    Will my point of contact at Flo-Tech change?

As of today, your point of contact will not change. You will continue to contact the same contacts you have in the past. We will keep you informed as the integration progresses.

Q4.    Will my contract with Flo-Tech change?

Flo-Tech will continue to honor all their respective contracts. As we work to complete our integration, we expect to identify ways to better serve the combined company’s customers. In those cases, we will work closely with customers every step of the way to ensure you receive the same distinctive quality and service you’ve come to expect from us.

Q5.    Where can I get more information? Who can answer questions I may have?

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact your sales representative. You can also find information on http://www.flotech.net/news/. You will continue to receive periodic updates from Flo-Tech as we progress through this integration.

Q6.    Why did you decide to merge?

We believe this acquisition makes good sense for all stakeholders, including our customers. The combination of Flo-Tech and Flex Technology Group creates a stronger, more stable business – better able to weather industry headwinds, capture supply chain efficiencies, and offer customers a distinguished portfolio of products and services. As a larger, more efficient organization with a sustainable capital structure, we are better positioned to compete effectively and deliver solid results despite the industry’s continuing challenges.

Q7.    Who will run the company?

Flo-Tech’s President, John Byxbee, will lead the organization, supported by the Company’s existing senior leadership team.

Q8.    Where will the company be located?

Flo-Tech will continue to be headquartered in Connecticut.

Q9. Mergers and acquisitions can create a lot of disruption. Do you expect there to be a lot of problems with the transition?

We are committed to making this a seamless transition to our customers. We have detailed plans in place to manage through the integration process in a way that ensures customers continue to receive the distinctive quality and service they’ve come to expect. We will continue to provide periodic updates as we progress through this integration.

Q10. As a customer, what do you need me to do?

Continue to request supplies and service in the same manner as before.   We ask that you contact your sales representative with any questions or send us an email to info@flotech.net. We thank you for your business and look forward to continuing to serve you.