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Get Control of Your Workflow with Document Management Solutions

How much time do your employees spend searching for important documents or information? How often do documents go missing? How often are documents or content recreated? Some interesting statistics to consider: 10% of all business processes revolve around searching for information and/or documents (Source: IDC) 95% of information is on paper. It is estimated that […]

Hurricane Sandy and Your Printers

Our thoughts are with all those that may have been impacted by Sandy. We hope this finds you all safe and on the road to recovery. As businesses are beginning to get back to normal operations, we did want to make you aware of the impact water damage may have on your office printers and […]

Print Servers vs Direct IP Printing

When dealing with network printers there is a fundamental question that every System Administrator needs to answer and that is in what fashion will printing be enabled for client computers; by using a print server or direct IP printing? This article will help with answering this question by describing these two print service methods and […]

Next-Gen Print Management— Oh So Compelling

OK—so printer management might not be the most compelling topic, but we got your attention. Print management typically doesn’t get the limelight it deserves in IT management—regularly being passed over for cloud computing, virtualization, security, analytics and pretty much any other more exciting initiatives—but consider how many helpdesk tickets it uses, how much tech time […]

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