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Your 6-Step Strategy to Print Security

print securityIf you’re reading this, then congrats—you’ve been doing your homework and know that there are security threats inherent in printing, you’ve also recognized a set of security threats that go overlooked.

These days, printers are computers and require similar security- they are connected and networked. They retain sensitive data, that like any corporate data, can be leaked and/or stolen. Hard drives need to be replaced and sensitively disposed of. Devices can be stolen, they can also be modified. Guests and printer techs have access to important data via these printers. These print devices function as multifunction machines, which means they have information being transmitted via fax, email and the internet—each of which contains its own security issues.

All the above threats leave you open to security breaches that includes things like identity theft and loss of information; vulnerable to litigation, loss of licenses and damage to your reputation and brand integrity.

The good news is that print-based security threats are easier to circumvent than more serious security issues like trojans, cyber crime, viruses and social networking. Preventing security breaches in the print sphere is do-able, in fact, we’ve broken it down to our should-be-patented 6-step process to print security.

This 6-step process includes action items like giving you a checklist of ways to assess your network for security threats (step 1), action items via a yes/no question & answer session to secure your data, risk mitigation techniques, how-to properly authenticate your users, how-to protect your print server and encrypt print jobs, plus much more. All of this and more can be found in our latest free-to-download e-book.

Within this e-book we use yes/no Q&A sessions to identify your network-specific threats and personalize your action plan. Within each of the 6 steps we use mini steps that help guide you through the process while ensuring you don’t miss a beat. We’ve also got some great research and stats on the importance of print security—just in case you need to justify including print security in your IT security portfolio to non-technical higher ups.

To get our 6-step action plan to protect yourself from print security threats, download our latest ebook, The 6-Step Print Security Action Plan.

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