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What can a business expect from a print and image device assessment?

Are you interested in what Managed Print Services can do to help your business but hesitant to request an assessment? Put your mind at ease with this list of what to expect from an MPS assessment.

Interviews: Discussions will be held with representatives of the business as well as end users of the equipment to determine all needs, existing issues and the desired result for all parties involved.

Walk Through: Our analyst will ask for a tour of your offices to determine the location of all devices. Proximity to the users will be documented and reasoning for the placement will be sought. A floor plan may be requested to assist with this.

User Data: Configuration pages from each device will be printed, or data from your IT department regarding the printing statistics for each device will be requested.

Costs and Contracts: You will need to provide any contracts and/or service agreements with regard to your printing, copying and fax services. Also, a list of all costs accrued in relation to device usage, service and supplies will be required. It is important to include any long distance charges that may accumulate from sending faxes.

Solution: With this detailed information, our experts are able to create an MPS solution to optimize the use of printing and imaging devices in your office.

It is that simple. In five easy steps, your managed print assessment is complete and you have a ready-made solution to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Have you been putting off scheduling an MPS assessment? Tell us why in the comments below.