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Top 10 Drivers for Managed Print Services

top 10 driversIf you’re like most businesses, you want your printing to be both efficient and cost effective. By implementing managed print services, you can focus on the more important aspects of building your business.

Clients who have an interest in securing MPS for their office are often concerned with one or more of ten key drivers for Managed Print Services.

  1. IT Resources: Issues arising from printer problems or malfunctions, often viewed as low level concern, puts unnecessary constraints on IT employees.
  2. IT/Helpdesk Calls: Improve processes by using MPS and reducing or eliminating up to 23% of calls to your IT department and/or Helpdesk with printing or imaging questions.
  3. Network Traffic: Clear up your network by reducing traffic, up to 55% of which is printer-related.
  4. Usage: Effective use of print devices is the only way to keep costs down. 90% of companies are unsure whether or not their devices are properly used.
  5. Printer Refresh: 95% of companies don’t have a printer refresh schedule or don’t know how they can benefit from it.
  6. Standardization: Device standardization across all areas of your company can greatly reduce costs incurred from the need for support services.
  7. Security: Concerns related to the collection and storage of intellectual property as well as regulatory compliance requirements and document output, all of which can be addressed by MPS.
  8. Budget: The importance of staying on budget is a high priority. Without centralized purchasing and proper management of devices, supplies and services, your budget is unpredictable and too likely to fluctuate in the wrong direction.
  9. Costs: Everyone wants to cut costs, and MPS can achieve a valuable reduction.
  10. Optimization: Byusing managed print services, business processes, efficiency, employee output and value can all be optimized.

Focus your time and resources where it needs to be. Find out more (link to Flo-Tech info) about how our Managed Print Services can help.