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Paper Jam: Avoid Downtime and Improve End User Satisfaction

humanity of printingHave you ever noticed how a printer can take on a personality all its own? It can be whiny, “I’m out of ink”, it can be ill-tempered, “I’m jammed”, and it can even outright refuse to work, “Printer error”.

We’ve all been there – frustrated to no end and stressed to the max by the wonders of uncooperative technology that often leaves you feeling like this…

But wait before putting that printer or copier out of its misery. Enter the power of predictive software like Flo-Tech’s AMS™.

Consider the following and see if doesn’t leave you wanting to give your service tech a hug or at least a handshake and maybe losing the bat!

The Surprise Unjamming
 You’ve been there, or someplace very similar. A large law firm (but it could be any organization). A big court case. And lots of evidentiary documents. All needing to be ready to go by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. That’s 100’s and 100’s of pages that need to be printed and bound.

You’re two thirds of your way done when you can hear that the printer has stopped. You walk over to see that inevitable message, “paper jam”. You remove the offending sheet and resume printing. Minutes later, again, “paper jam”. You once again remove the jam, this time more curtly than the first. You get 90% through the job and another jam and another jam and another. By now it’s after 5pm and there is no one available to fix it, so in the printer’s best interest of not being beaten with its own print tray—you head home and cross your fingers that somehow, miraculously, you’ll have better luck tomorrow.

After a very sleepless night you head to the office early to try and sort out the issue—prepared to be David fighting Goliath in an epic printer vs man battle. As you walk in you’re greeted by your Flo-Tech Service Technician who is on his way out, and he greets you with a morning-making greeting, “Good Morning. Your printer is back up and running and you shouldn’t see any more jamming issues”. You stammer out “but…how?…I didn’t even make a service call yet”.

He is pleased to share with you that they have predictive software monitoring your printers and that the software automatically alerted them that your machine was jamming repeatedly. “After I got the alert last night I put your call first in my queue for today to get it taken care of.”

This is a true customer story from one of our techs who understood exactly how personal this was when he could see the stress draining off the customers face and she gave him a gratitude-infused hug.

Whether its court documents, a career changing sales proposal, loan documents for a first time home buyer or engineering drawings for an innovative new product – those documents can create personal, sometimes life changing experiences. Make sure they are available when you need them.

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