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Mobile Printing Strategy – Negating Security Risks

mobile printing strategyMobility terrifies many IT directors, and for good reason-it compromises their security in new and scary ways. Any high-tech pickpocket now has the ability to penetrate their company’s network. While security is always a concern, it is a prime concern when you’re talking about mobile strategies and implementations.

Mobile printing in particular poses a number of security risks, as well as productivity issues-especially when you consider the proliferation of internet-enabled mobile devices in the corporate space. Printing from mobile devices is a danger in itself, but there are plenty of other concerns, including those associated with uncollected printouts. Uncollected printouts have long been a concern of IT execs, but these concerns have compounded as people print from their mobile devices, on the go, at off-site locations-and have the possibility of leaving sensitive company data in MFP trays at remote offices…or Starbucks.

Many companies have steered clear of mobile printing due to the inherent security risks, but that creates another risk all in itself, with lost productivity. Sort of a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t scenario.

But there is another way.

There are ways to keep your users and network protected and minimize your risk while harnessing the power and productivity that mobile printing can bring. We’ve put together an e-book to address the biggest security risks of mobile printing-and their SOLUTIONS-in our new e-book, Mobile Printing Strategy. In this new ebook we look at the most common, and evil, mobile printing security threats. We examine why they are so common and how exactly they occur in the corporate space. But-since most busy IT guys care more about curing ills instead of figuring out how their network got sick in the first place, we also offer tangible solutions on how to allow your users to print on-the-go while negating the security threats. Tips that include things like using a secured, monitored pull-printing option for mobile guest printers.

To finally begin unleashing the productivity in mobile printing, download our Mobile Printing Strategy ebook today for network-saving security tips.

mobile printing strategy