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Managed Print Services Implementation: Superhero Needed

managed print servicesManaged-Print Superheros are like most of our masked avengers, self-sacrificing soldiers willing to take responsibility for the city’s (or company’s) crime. The crime in this case: the company’s over-spending on printing. A crime that the entire company is guilty of, but nobody really takes responsibility for.  A crime that eats as much out of some company’s budgets as their utility and communication bills.

The one thing we often hear when we first approach CIO’s and CFO’s about migrating to a managed print solution is “I’m not involved” or “I don’t make that decision”.  But they really do or should.  Most are typically unaware of how big their print costs actually are.  In our 20 years of experience we have yet to find an organization that understands or can correctly estimate how much it costs them each time someone hits file/print. We get their attention though when we show them that their print costs can top that of their utilities and rival their rent.

Once expenses-wrangling executives understand the budget-consuming nature of printing and make the move over to a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution they ask us, “why didn’t we see/do this before?”. The simple answer to this question is that there are too many cooks in the kitchen. IT or the end user buys the printer without thought to cost-per-page expenses, then the Purchasing department buys the supplies and sends the bill to Accounting. The IT techs then fix all the errors, jams and hopefully do some preventative maintenance—all on a patchwork of machines. All of this means that the cost accountability is spread over various departments—while not belonging to any one of them.

Without the clever oversight and management that a Managed Print Superhero brings, you lose out on cost-savings opportunitiesthrough standardization, reduced support requirements, reduced downtime, simplified contract management, consolidated invoicing and an overall reduction in unnecessary spending through end user controls and improved fleet management.

Somebody needs to be the MPS superhero, and it won’t be by the disjointed roles of the departments described above. No, to realize this major cost savings through better management and improved print services it is critical that a CIO/CFO is engaged in the decision making process to move to a managed solution that is handled by experts. It is only through top-down management that companies can leverage the technology and savings that come with MPS and this move takes a decisive decision maker eager to move their company forward.

Take it from us, the involvement of a high-level executive is critical, because in almost all successful implementations of a managed print solution–the CIO/CFO has been involved. 9 times out of 10 they are the final decision maker – they are  responsible for the go-ahead decision and for the delegation of implementation tasks to key staff members.

Almost every exec we’ve worked with has candidly told us that the significant cost savings and enhanced productivity was well worth the move and really did require a minimal amount of time and effort on their end.  Other candid confessions include stories of their IT techs, who teared up in happiness as they learned they no longer had to deal with printer issues. 

Start a dialogue with us today, because we want you to experience the same sigh of relief that Managed Print Services has brought our other customers.

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