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Is your ‘Mobile’ Print Solution TRULY Mobile?

mobile printHow much productivity would you lose if your company destroyed all its mobile devices? Don’t worry—we won’t ask you to do the math. The answer is a lot. But the truth is—you are losing just as much productivity by not empowering those mobile users in the same way as you empower them on their stationary devices. Not only are these devices becoming increasingly important in our corporate lives but as we switch more and more tasks to mobile devices more workers are becoming mobile; now making up a large percentage of workers. Not having truly mobile solutions for this growing amount of mobile workers is costing far too much in lost productivity, which is why enterprises are turning to tools like mobile printing.

Mobile printing is one of the many ways that corporations are going mobile, a move being driven by their users. These users crave (and demand) access to networks, devices and technology from their mobiles – and they want it now.

Yet despite the growing mobile workforce, many companies still do not have a truly mobile print environment. A truly mobile environment is one that empowers users to print from anywhere, on any device, anytime they want—at the push of a button. But despite our best efforts, many users are left out in the cold—just ask any mobile salesperson visiting remote offices about his print experiences.

When it comes to mobile printing, being quasi-mobile just doesn’t count.

HP recognized that mobility can’t be fragmentary and that ‘mobile printing’ solutions weren’t as mobile as people thought. They thought they could do better. And they did. Instead of relying on a system based on networked devices, bluetooth or portable printers they came up with a mobile solution that can be used, accessed AND managed anywhere, a solution in the cloud. Their solution was a web-based console that allows for one-button printing. Their solution, HP’s ePrint Enterprise provides cloud printing and the ability to keep printing services with a secure network. It is easy to use, easy to deploy and supports today’s leading smartphone and tablet pc’s.

For further information on what gaps in mobile printing HP’s ePrint Enterprise can fill for your company—and for their 3-step to print mobility plan—download our latest ebook, Cloud Printing in the Enterprise: Truly Mobile Solutions for Printing Without Borders.