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DocuWare—Solving Document Management Problems you Didn’t Know you Had

docuwareThey often say an accountant is someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had—the same can be said for document management solutions. They can solve problems that most companies don’t even know they have; problems that are endemic with manual processes and document handling that lead to wasted time and money.

The ‘wasted time and money’ aren’t minor expenses either. Studies have found that almost half of office workers’ time is spent looking for, filing, sorting and shuffling documents. Now envision what this means for an accounting department, which deals with documents everyday, all day.

Docuware for enterprise content management isn’t just about clearing the clutter, stopping the shuffle and finding the irretrievable though, it also affects a myriad of business-critical, daily accounting processes. It saves response time by empowering AR departments with easier access to invoices, it saves money by reducing the time and labor costs associated with the production of invoices—which cost an average of $20 each to produce, and can free up time for proactive initiatives like account resolution.

We’ve got some great examples of how DocuWare has helped accounting departments with their web of daily, difficult processes—but you’ll have to read our e-book for that. This software isn’t just for accounting departments either, it can help other departments and employees—from controllers to executives. It also facilitates inter-department communication and collaboration for such things as budget planning.

And then there is the legal compliance. Shudder. We all dislike the extra paper work but legal frameworks are here—and are likely to expand in the future—and they need to be dealt with. Thankfully there is software out there, like DocuWare, that can keep you compliant- and can do so relatively easily without compromising accuracy. The truth is, complying with GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley is near impossible without the right software (OK, maybe not impossible, but truly a hassle).

The DocuWare benefits listed above are responses to problems that you likely didn’t even know you had. To quote cartoonist, David Sim “Once a profound truth has been seen, it cannot be unseen”

To find out which of your business-critical processes could be solved with DocuWare, how much time (AND MONEY) you could be saving already, and some great examples of how it accomplishes this with minimal effort from you, download our ebook, “DocuWare: Critical Document Management Software for High-Functioning Accounting Departments” today.

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