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Color Printing Costs – Take Control

color printing costsColor printing can provide numerous benefits for your business. Research has proven that color retains the reader’s attention and improves comprehension by up to 73%. It can help make your brand more recognizable, highlight details in presentations, and even expedite the arrival of payments from your customers when you use color on your invoices.

But when not managed effectively, the cost of color can quickly outweigh the benefits. Determining cost effective solutions and finding ways to control the cost of color are one of the many outcomes of a managed print implementation. This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Consolidation. Consolidate multiple color devices into a single multifunction device reducing operating costs including supply costs, energy consumption and floor space.
  • Tracking and Monitoring. A simple mention to your employees that their printing activities are being tracked is often enough to create up to a 10% reduction in print volumes. Software tools can track trends in color usage across your organization, monitor and track color usage by department and by user and enable you to charge back to departments or cost centers for color usage.
  • Controlling Access. You can place restrictions on which departments or employees within your company can print in color and/or restrict how many color prints can be produced. You can also control which applications can print in color, ie) all web pages can be restricted to print in black & white only.
  • Default Settings. By setting your printer’s defaults to print in black-and-white, you create the need to specify color printing, which will result in the color option being used on a more selective basis.
  • Policy. Create and implement a print policy that defines specific usage protocol for each department or user. Encourage the use of electronic documents where possible.

An assessment of your print environment can help you determine what is driving up the cost of color in your organization and find solutions to manage and reduce it.